Admit it or not, clubhouse is the most popular topic within IT companies in the world recently. Its invite-only algorithm and audio-only mode opens a new gate for social media platform. Moreover, recently clubhouse was estimated as a unicorn with potential of $1 billion value; on Feb, Clubhouse claims to have over 10 million monthly active users on app. All these boost its to a ‘social media giant’ as twitter and facebook.

In china, clubhouse also raised a huge wave beyond IT industry, at least before being banned. Most of investors joined the community and started to dig a Chinese…

Today, the mother company of Tiktok, Bytedance made an announcement to defend themselves from illegally using clients’ data. They claimed that Bytedance has started the negotiation with US goverment for more than one year, there was absolutely no inappropriate meaning of data collection. Furthermore, Bytedance established its Transparency Center to open the source code of Tiktok and audit criteria. All are aimed to avoid the worst situation.

Apparently, things won’t change much after this announcement, Bytedance will eventually have to hand over its Tiktok business in US without doubt. Give up an social app with more than 20 million MAU(Monthly…

It’s hard to find someone who hasn’t heard cryptocurrency in 2020, but it’s also difficult to look for people who has crypto asset. Why? just log into any famous cryptocurrency exchange and you will know. Even more and more countries are opening their regulation for acceptance of crypto currency, still, the majority is refused to be inside of the crypto world for reasons.

The entry process for newbee is painful. Let’s take an example of Binance, the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the world currently. If you want to reach the goal of owning bitcoin from the beginning, the whole process…

Yesterday when I was watching movie at home, by scrolling down all the mails I received, there was a 50% discount coupon sent from Uber Eats. Under curiosity, I checked online and there were already 3 coupons sent in July. (EU specifically)

Like any other food delivery business, the coupons sent by platform parts are one part of company cost. It’s normal to see platforms send out coupons for acquiring new customers, or regularly give a small amount discount for retaining. But 3 coupons with discount over 50%, it rarely happens after launching phase.

So why Uber Eats did this?

I’m not a Japanese, but a big fan of comedy from Japan. Even I barely see comedies outside of Asia, still, their comedy represents the highest level in the world. Due to the difference of language, here I will take some examples to explain a basic concept of Japanese comedy. Let’s start with Tokyo03, a comedian teamed by three: Iizuka, Fuyumoto and Kakuda.

Here’s a skit they made recently with english subtitles:

Japan is a country with a huge customer base of comedy, an astonishing truth is that in most cases, comedians in Japan earn a lot more than…

Last week along with the announcement regarding boycott towards facebook ads, which led to incitement of violence, racism and other uncomfortable content. Many big advertising giants, like Coca-cola, have already made their actions and decided to partially or completely stop their digital advertising in July.

This case also reminds me of the fact that digital advertising develops so fast and nowadays most of the ads launches are based on customer profiles. Comparing with traditional TV ads, which you can’t control who will watch the ads at all, digital ads gave advertisers a secret key for targeting audience. For instance, a…

TikTok is an application which has been used for talking materials between teens and startups for years now. Most of time we only see how it creates from a new emerging industry instead of investigating what makes the customer retention high as 39%.

TikTok’s Chinese version, Douyin, published a new filter in its app this week. Within 3 days, they gathered millions of posts which used this filter. The filter names as “Anime Change”. The main character is to change the video into animation.

It’s not a new one to be honest, many applications have launched a similar filter before…

Chinese B2C public transportation company, DiDi, also known as Uber China, published its new service of self-driving for Shanghai region yesterday. This can be seen as another step DiDi takes to expand its business model to other aspects within transportation industry.

Years ago, DiDi has already established its high level transportation business for premium passengers. Instead of asking drivers to own cars, DiDi bought thousands of mid-level above cars and hired large quantity of professional drivers, with the purpose of providing unique and comfortable service for clients. Even the cost is relatively higher than normal ones, it still becomes one…

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